A must to answer interview questions - fresher to know

As a new grad, some job interview questions are just too common. You need to be prepared to answer these questions.

The most common question and you will get this question 99.99% percent of the time is this:
“Tell me about yourself”

So what are they looking for here?

1. They want to know more about you – stuff you could not say on the resume/cv

2. They want to know how you present yourself when you talk about yourself.

This is a very open ended question that you can use to your advantage. You can even tell them that you are superman – just kidding guys.  But seriously, you can tell the interviewer stuff that you can’t otherwise say. For example that your father was a school principal or that you are a son of a doctor.

So you should have an answer for this question.

1. Quicky tell them what you have studied.

2. If you have an interesting family background, then you may say a quick sentence about that.

3. If you grew up in a different part of the country or know multiple languages you can say so.

and so on. but do plan on answering this question. Most job interviews have this question as pretty much the very first question.

Also keep it short so that you don’t test the interviewer’s patience.

PART -2 CV/resume creation/preparation/writing everything what we are

Important notes

Recruiters and employers don’t read the full resume. They just glance at it. So avoid long paragraphs of text. Also be sure to use bullet points and short sentences to describe your experiences, your educational qualifications and your project details whereever possible.

Instead of using a long paragraph describing your experience at a company break it down into a few bullet point like so:
1. Was Tech Lead in the team.
2. Oversaw team building activities.

Contact details

The following are some very essential (important) things that should be written very clearly on your resume.

1. Name

Yes, believe it or not, we have seen plenty of resumes where the name of the candidate is not clear. There are cases where you borrow your friend’s resume to create your own copy and then you change everything except the name! Yes! We have seen such resumes as well. Sometimes people use two different names on the same resume. Stick to one version of your name and state it clearly near the top of the resume.

2. Phone Number 

If its a landline number add your area code (STD code) in front of your resume. Eg. 011-823312738.

3. Email Address

Please ensure the above essentials are clearly written and are visible at the top of the resume.

PART -1 CV/resume creation/preparation/writing everything what we are

Here are some tips for freshers to write their resumes:

Create a good 1st impression.

Showcase your own communication skills and producing an easy-to-read CV. The actual CV ought to be concise and easy to follow.

Inform the reader who you are.

When you’re creating your own resume, you need tell the reader who you are and why they need to consider you for a position.

Describe your learning.

Specifically for a fresh grad, the cv must spotlight the particular programs, courses and projects as well as jobs (any internships) that you have undergone. Choose and highligh those that are appropriate for the position you are applying for.

Record your achievements.

Your cv ought to highlight any specific achievements you’ve accomplished. If you achieved a 4.0 grade, were awarded a particular scholarship, or perhaps something similar, it should be detailed beneath your achievements.

The email is a very important piece of information.

Create a good email address:

This seems like a very obvious piece of advice. But we have seen several people having non-businesslike emails. So here are some tips from FreshersGateway on how to create a good email id for your winning resume.

1. Create an email that is simple and clear.

2. Have your first name on the email.

3. Please avoid childish or crazy email ids. Superman, Batman, hotgal – these are not the kind of words you want on your email address.

4. Your email address should be business-like. Also avoid very long email ids.

Ensure the resume’s email is valid

Many recruiters will reach out to candidates through their email. Please make sure your email is valid.

1. Ensure that you are able to login to your email address

2. Ensure that you don’t forget the email’s password at any point.

3. Check your email at least once a day

Check your trash or spam folder

Sometimes the recruiter’s email may be sent to your spam folder or bulk folder in your email. It won’t show up on your inbox. So once a week please quickly glance through your spam folder.

Highlighting  academic achievements and knowledge and extra-curricular activities.

Since you are a fresher, most recruiters will look at your academic achievements and knowledge to hire you. But they will also look at your extra-curricular activities.

So make sure you have a sub-title called Extracurricular Activities at the end of your CV. You should mention anything that you have done in addition to your school work. Have you participated in NSS? Then list that here. Have been in Scouts, NCC, or done any other thing similar. Were you on the debate team? Are you a good sportsperson. Even if you have not participated in school matches, if you are good athlete do mention it here. You could say for example “Good swimmer.”

Or if you have any hobbies, please list them here. Examples are reading mystery novels, stamp-collecting.

Even if you were elected as a student representative at some point, that needs to be listed here.